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Why Wheat Free, Gluten Free Diet?

Does your dog suffer from allergies, joint pain, epilepsy, recurrent ear infections or other chronic health problems? Have you tried lots of treatments and spent a fortune but just can’t … Continue reading

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Beautiful Poisons – Food Dyes to Avoid

Sure they look beautiful and yummy. But are they safe for our dogs, or for us humans? We have put together some common color dyes used in food preparation so … Continue reading

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How to prevent dog flatulence?

So, what causes dogs to fart? All mammals get gas and so do dogs. Dog flatulence is caused by bacteria in the digestive tract breaking down food and producing gas. … Continue reading

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Droolicious Banana Bread Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

Gone bananas! That’s what you will say about your dog when you give him a slice of our rich but healthy Banana Mutt Bread. Packed with fresh bananas, pure 100% … Continue reading

February 13, 2013 · 2 Comments

Dog Movies Listing

Any plans for Valentine’s Day? How about movie night with a heart warming love story …… about dogs? Curling up with my Honey, Jackboy and little Kernal for a relaxing … Continue reading

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