Dog Movies Listing


Any plans for Valentine’s Day? How about movie night with a heart warming love story …… about dogs? Curling up with my Honey, Jackboy and little Kernal for a relaxing movie sounds much better than waiting in line for a table in some restaurants with hundreds other people on Valentine’s night. Here’s a list of some really good movies featuring our favorite stars, the Dogs!
                   ………………     Dog Movies Listing     …………………


         Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
This movie will make you hug your dog all night for days.
A tearjerker. Get your box of Kleenex ready!

                             Below Eight
Adventure and lot of cuties ………. the guy is pretty cute too.
Fending for themselves, these remarkable dogs found ways
to survive the harsh Antarctic.

Dog lover’s all time favorite comedy! Do you have a smart
but unruly dog like K-9 Jerry here?
A fun movie from the classic cartoon series, this is an
adorable and entertaining movie. A beagle with superpowers
saving the world …… that’s entertainment!
A super cute movie for the kid in you. This funny animated film
is about friendship, perseverance and the power in believing
in oneself. Yes, all this in a cartoon dog movie. (love the hamster!)

                        The Call Of The Wild
A classic movie about a handsome Newfoundland who is kidnapped,
endured horrific hardship, numerous owners and self discovery in the wild.

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