How to prevent dog flatulence?

So, what causes dogs to fart? All mammals get gas and so do dogs. Dog flatulence is caused by bacteria in the digestive tract breaking down food and producing gas. It is usually not a serious problem for the dog, but it can be unpleasant for you. Not to mention embarrassing for you when you have guests around.

So what can we do to solve it? The following are some recommendations:

1) No Left Over – Don’t give your dog left over food. Human food is not suitable for dogs and may end up causing extra gas. It is also healthy to stick to one type of dog food. Cheap dog food and scraps can cause excess gas as well.

2) Exercise – We all need out workout. Give your dog lots of exercise to help move the gas while he’s outside. There’s a better chance that any gas build up will find a way out “naturally” and it’ll be gone before you get home.

3) Stay Away From Soy – Soy beans contain many proteins which can be difficult for your dog to digest. This can cause a lot of gas in your dog’s digestive track. Check for soy in the ingredients list before buying your dog food.

4) Slow down – If your dog “wolf” his food down, he’ll be swallowing air as well as his dinner. Feeding him a smaller portion and often but the same amount of food as he’d normally have in a day, spreading it out a bit might do the trick. Instead of feeding your dog 1 or 2 portions of food per day, divide the daily ration into smaller portions and feed the dog more frequently.

5) Digestive Enzymes – There are safe products that you can buy to give your dog to help their digestive track to digest the food, eliminating the gas build up in their intestines

You’ll never completely cut out flatulence on your dog. We all get “windy” once in awhile. But with that said, consult a vet immediately if you have cause to think your dog is unwell, suffering and requires professional attention

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