Beautiful Poisons – Food Dyes to Avoid


Sure they look beautiful and yummy. But are they safe for our dogs, or for us humans? We have put together some common color dyes used in food preparation so we are more informed on what this all means to our body. Remember, if it’s bad for us humans, usually it’s worst for our pets.




Allura Red AC or Red 17 Asthma, Rhinitis, Cancer, ADHD in children Snacks,  Sauces, Candies and Soft Drinks
Brilliant Blue or Blue 1 Cancer, Tumors and ADHD in Children Gelatins, Beverages, Icings, Syrups and Candies
Erythrosine or Red 3 Thyroid Tumors and Chromosomal Damage Baked goods, Candies, Popsicles and Condiments
Fast Green or Green 3 Allergies, Tumors and Mutagenic Effects Baked Goods, Gelatins, Sauces, Icings, Vegetables
Orange B Allergies, Kidney Damage and ADHD in Children Sausages and Hot Dogs
Sunset Yellow or Yellow 6 Adrenal Gland and Kidney Tumors Baked Goods, Sausages, Gelatins
TarTrazine or Yellow 5 Asthmatic Attacks, Migraines, ADHD in Children, Blurred Vision and Anxiety Snacks, Cereals, Jams, Instant Noodles, Cake Mixes and Candies

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