7 Easter Safety Tips For Your Dog

Easter Jack Outside


Have a happy and safe Easter celebration! Here are some tips to keep your dog safe this Easter:

  1. No Human Goodies For Doggies: Human candies and cookies are loaded with sugar that our dogs do not need. Sugary food can lead to obesity, dental problems and diabetes. Dogs can become addicted and lose their taste for healthier options, cause blood sugar and blood pressure imbalance, or weight gain resulting in obesity. Too much sugar can cause diarrhea. Some research states that some cancer cells thrive on carbohydrates (sugar). Some may also contain chocolate, cocoa powder and raisins that are all potentially fatal to dogs.
  2. No Sugar Free Candies or Gum: Sugar free candies and gum may contain Xylitol that can cause serious and possible life threatening problems for dogs. Xylitol can cause increase in insulin circulating through the dog’s body, causing blood sugar to drop and lead to liver failure. Symptoms include loss of coordination, vomiting, lethargy and seizures.
  3. No Chocolate: Contains Theobromine and caffeine, which can be toxic even in small quantity and can affect the heart, sometimes causing death. Symptoms are hyperactivity, restlessness, muscle twitches, increased urination and excessive panting. Increased heart rate, blood pressure and seizures may occur.
  4. Keep Easter Lily Out Of Reach: This plant has been know to be toxic to animals and could cause seizures.
  5. Your Dog’s Very Own Basket: Use only treats and cookies  made for dogs. If you are making your dog his / her very own Easter basket, skip the fake Easter Grass tinsels and confetti to avoid accidental ingestion. Some dogs will gobble up anything when they are excited. Silly doggie!
  6. Track Your Eggs: Your dogs might mistaken the eggs, fake or real, as their toy or snack. Eating or chewing on a fake plastic egg can cause intestinal problems. Be sure to take fake plastic eggs away from your dog if that’s how your dog treats are presented to your dog. Real eggs lost during an Easter egg hunt will spoil and if your dog finds and eats them then, your dog will very likely get very sick from it.
  7. Crowd Control: Some dogs get very stressed out when there is a crowd in his / her usual space. It is a good idea to provide your dog his / her very own peaceful area to hang out.

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