Earth Day Report: Dog’s Ways Toward Smaller Carbon Paw Print



Do you know that even your dog can help reduce its carbon paw print? Let us explain & show some more ways on how we can all help get those carbon paw prints smaller.

1) Get the good stuff:

Invest in a high-quality pet food that lists a protein such as beef, lamb, chicken or fish as the first ingredient rather than a by-product or beef meal. This one change can make a major impact on your pet’s health while reducing the amount of poop left to scoop.

2) Keep it pure & simple:

Avoid all those packaged, heavily processed treats designed to resemble human junk food like “bacon” or “steaks”. Your dog can live without corn-based “treats” shaped like mini porterhouse steaks. Jackboy’s Dog Bakery treats are all natural, hand made and oven baked just like grandma’s biscuits back in the old days.

3) Chemical Free:

Ever notice all the chemical names for preservatives, artificial flavors and colors on the packaging of dog food and treats in the stores? Not very environmentally friendly fabricating those chemicals and dyes, not to mention the unhealthy effects. At Jackboy’s, our mission is be chemical and artificial dye free from the 1st batch of treats we baked up since 2007. All natural, just that simple.

4) Recycle:

Those cans and plastic food bags don’t need to wind up in a landfill. Start by shopping for products with minimal packaging, and then recycle whenever possible. Some water plastic bottles make great dog toys when stuffed in loofah skin toy designed for it. Another great way to recycle, before recycle

5) Go green:   

Most pets enjoy the additional of fruits and veggies in their food bowl. Some have tried arugula, roasted sweet potatoes, pumpkin and baked carrots mixed in with the dog food. Be prepared for a little trial and error. Consult with your veterinarian before making major changes to your pet’s diet.

6) Ditch the plastic:

Stainless steel or ceramic food and water bowls remove the risk of exposing your pet to bisphenol A or BPAs. They also last a lot longer.

7) Get the ‘green’ poop bags:

Eliminate plastic grocery bags and shop for corn-based, biodegradable poop bags.

8) Embrace hemp:

Who knew that hemp could produce durable, eco-friendly pet products? Scope out your pet store and you will probably find rope toys and stuffed animals stamped “eco-friendly” on the packaging.

9) Shop with purpose:

Pet toys don’t undergo rigorous testing, so those super-cheap squeaky toys overflowing in the dollar bin come with a wealth of unknown risks. But “green” pet lovers have created a demand for products made from renewable resources and recycled products. Look for packaging that says “made with nontoxic materials”.


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