Home Remedies and Natural Cures For Dogs

Just like for people, there are ingredients around the house that we can use as home remedies to help keep our dogs healthy, cure minor illness or reduce the effect until veterinarian care arrives. Here are some home remedies and natural cures to take care of our dogs.

Chamomile tea:  The natural disinfecting effects of the chamomile plant can settle upset stomach. It is recommended for colic, gas, and anxiety.

Honey: A teaspoon of honey can be given as first aid to a hypoglycemic dog to restore the normal blood sugar level. Adding honey to your dog’s meals will ensure the good condition of the pet’s skin and fur. Adding a teaspoon of honey to a dog daily regimen is proven effective in alleviating pain associated with arthritis. Honey has anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, sometimes used as a topical treatment for wound as its antibacterial property aids the autolytic debridement of wounds. The enzymes in raw honey can aid in maintaining your dog’s stable digestive system. Be aware that honey can contain the botulinum spores that cannot be handled by the immature digestive organ of puppies.

Tofu: Tofu may help older female dog from problem with accidental peeing or dribble. Tofu can be given to older female dog as an estrogen replacement. Tofu contains high levels of Tryptophan and relatively low levels of Tyrosin, a protein that support the buildup of Serotonin levels in a dog. Serotonin is known to combat aggression issue.  Do not feed tofu to your dog if it is allergic to soy.

Oatmeal: Can be beneficial for older dogs that may have trouble maintaining bowel regularity. Oatmeal is also an alternative source of grain for dogs that are allergic to wheat. It can be fed in conjunction with probiotics to enhance their function. Always feed cooked and plain with no sugar.

Olive oil: Olive oil is recommended by many veterinarians as remedy to mild dry and flaky skin problems in dogs. It is also recommended in dog’s diet to provide thick, smooth and shinny coat. Helps promote thick coat that has been known to be natural flea resistant. Serve sparingly as too much olive oil can cause diarrhea. Skin problem can be serious so consult your vet.

Cinnamon: Helps regulate blood sugar levels of dogs suffering from diabetes. It is a natural treatment for diabetes. Cinnamon has a blood thinning compound and anti-inflammatory properties that allows the proper circulation of blood to all the cells of the body thereby significantly reducing the pain of arthritic dogs. Cinnamon has a carminative agent that relieves indigestion, bloat and stomach upset. Check with your vet if your dog has existing medical condition before giving cinnamon.

Ginger: It is beneficial for dogs that are in poor health such as with poor appetite, poor blood circulation and a deep and slow pulse. If your dog suffers from motion sickness, ginger works wonder as an anti-vomiting and anti-nausea agent. Ginger can alleviate digestive problems such as diarrhea, colic, and flatulence.

Brown Rice: Excellent wheat and grain free substitute. Excellent source for fiber and is recommended for dogs with diarrhea problems. Always check with your vet if diarrhea persists.

Molasses: Is a sourcesof potassium which benefits include helping to improve mental and muscle reflexes, to stimulate appetite, and to aid in allergy treatments and elimination of body wastes

Pumpkin, Banana: High source of potassium, which helps to improve mental and muscle reflexes, to stimulate appetite, and to aid in allergy treatments and elimination of body wastes.

Raw carrots: Helps to clean teeth

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