Dog’s Favorite Things For Valentine’s Day


They are full of personalities, aren’t they? So playful, loving, mischievous, smart and the list goes on. So it’s hard to come up with a general list of dog’s favorite things he or she would ask for but here’s our compilation of a quick check list for Valentine’s Day, not in any particular order since we all know our dogs are easily distracted. Anyone of these are your dog’s favorites?

P.S: Notice this Valentine’s Day list seems the same for everyday

Copyright Jackboy’s Dog Bakery

Lunch & Dinner Time
“Food! Food! Drool ….oool….”
Fuzzy Toys
“I got him! Now where’s the squeaker?”
Your Couch
“Grrrrr …… I’m here first …..grrr….”
“The ball? Hedgehog? Frisbee? Huh?”
“One more throw! Ok, one more!”
Licks You
“I ruff you! Ruff you!”
“Oh boy! I’m getting lot’s of attention now…”
Tease the Other Dog
“I dare you to come get this…”
“They are here! They are here!”
Bark at Strangers
“What are you doing ?!!!??”
“Oh yeah ….. much better! Burrr … it is cold!”
“Did you say the “W” word? Oh YES! You did! You did!”
Belly Rubs
“Ooohhhh….. yeah…..right there ….”
Your Lap
“Now don’t move….”
“Oh yeah! Cozzeeeee ……”
Antler, any chew sticks
“……….else I’ll chew your shoes..”
Car Rides
“Yay! Love the wind in my face!”
Chase Lizards & Critters
“I’ll protect you mom!”
Treats & Cookies
“Jackboy’s pleazeeeezzzz…..”
“Mom! Watch this! Splash!!!!!”
“Oh… are so nice and warm…..”
Your Bed
“Here’s my spot! You find your own …”
“RUFF!!! RUFF!!! There’s a fish here!”

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