How to Throw A Dog Birthday Party, The Jackboy’s Dog Bakery Way


ColeBirthdayWhat you will need:
1) Fresh birthday cake, cupcake, giant cookie or all of these.
2) Birthday hats
3) Bone-shaped candle
4) Birthday toys
5) Camera
6) Doggie to-go bags
7) Paper plates
8) Bowls with water

1) Go online and find the closest dog bakery by your house or place of party. You would want fresh, yummy cake if you can for a tail-wagging howling success. Check reviews for the dog bakeries.

2) Ask when any cake will be available so you can plan and start inviting your guests. How many servings you can get from the cake choices?

3) Count how many furry friends have RSVP and are coming to the party.

4) Pick out and order the right cake for your birthday dog and his/her friends. What’s his/her favorite flavor(s)? How big of a cake do we need? Any dietary needs such as wheat free cake or dairy free?

5) Pick up the fresh baked doggie birthday cake as close to the day of celebration as possible so they are the freshest when served.

6) Gather the birthday dog and all his/her furry friends around the cake, treats and toys for pictures. Keep snapping pictures as a few will surely turn out wonderful. Just let it flow ………

Tip: To keep the dog still to wear the birthday hat, hold a treat, a toy or whatever captures his/her attention in front while you put it on.

7) Slice cake and serve. Be sure to put away candle as most are not edible.

8) Have fun, take lots of pictures. Have water available for the dogs.

9) Divide left over cake and treats into doggie to-go bags for furry friends as party favors to bring home with them.

10) Share pictures on social media. Why? Because your dog is your kid too.

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