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Customers Testimonial:

I started doing business with this company a few years ago, and boy am I glad I found them on the Internet. The owner is extremely helpful if you ever have any questions. The dog treats are all natural and arrive very fresh. The always pack the box with plenty of samples. Great company and great owners! – Candee, Boca
Raton, Florida

My pack loved the treats I picked up this
weekened ❤my very skinny foster Brutus
chomped them down in seconds! – Kara, Norco,


Thank You Jackboy’s dog bakery for making my birthday a doggone special one with my yummy cake & tasty treats! Love, Teddy (the dog)
– Mary, Southern California

Jackie – Two paws up!!! Both Bandit and Smokey gobbled the treats up. Even the finicky cats ate some. Funny, LOL.

Barbara – Thanks Jackboy! It has been hard finding healthy treats for my Coco who can only eat unsalted treats due to her medical condition. Your all natural treats give me the peace of mind.

Craig – Man! Emma just comes running every time I open the bag of Jackboy’s treats. She just drools like crazy!

Waffles2Keith – Sophie stares at me every morning after her vitamins like she’s asking me, “Now where’s my Pup-zel?”

Donna (Owner of The Paw Spa) – This one customer keeps coming back asking for more Knotty Parmesan.


Chantik R – Pepper is my foster dog. She was dumped on the streets in 110 degree weather. We don’t know when her birthday is so…….we are going to make today her birthday!  HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY PEPPER!

Karen – My kids and I had a great time baking up the brownies for Bo’s 10th birthday. You should see his face when we gave it to him. First we teased him and it was funny seeing him drool…………drip, drip, drip. I highly recommend the Brownie Points baking mix. It’s so easy.


Karina M P (Leia’s mom) – thank you guys so much for the cake!! the pups loved it!!

Andrew – My girlfriend was absolutely delighted when I gave her the Unconditional Love
cupcakes for her dog. Amazing! I had to write in to let you know.


Lily A – Chanel sends a huge thank you for her doggie cake


Jayson M – Zeus bday, with Jackboys Bakery cake!

Alex M – Thank you Jackboy’s! Mikka and her guests loved the cake! She had a great 2nd birthday:D

Julie – I love giving Max your Caring Hearts. Feels good giving him healthy all natural treats.



Diana L – Thank you to Jackboy’s bakery for all the goodies for Coco and Simba’s 3rd Birthday. We haven’t had the cake yet as we are waiting for our guests but they have licked the frosting! The cake smells so good too.

Maree – I tried some of your Garlic Pup-zels since they smell so good. They taste good! Probably better for me than my store bought cookies, LOL.

More happy customers and what they are saying about us are on Facebook.

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