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How Seasonal Changes Affect Your Dogs

Little Kernal, the Chihuahua, might need more than just a sweater with the weather getting colder as Fall turns to Winter. How exactly does seasonal change affect our pets? Here … Continue reading

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How to Throw A Dog Birthday Party, The Jackboy’s Dog Bakery Way

  What you will need:1) Fresh birthday cake, cupcake, giant cookie or all of these.2) Birthday hats3) Bone-shaped candle4) Birthday toys5) Camera6) Doggie to-go bags7) Paper plates8) Bowls with water … Continue reading

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9 Health Reasons Jackboy’s Dog Bakery Uses Olive Oil in Our Dog Treats

BEAUTY, BRAINS & FUN Artisan Handcrafting,               Healthy Ingredients,                    Celebration Inspiration   We use healthy olive oil instead of butter, vegetable or Canola oil … Continue reading

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Oh Those Precious Years: Dog Age Calculator & Life Span List By Breed

    Oh Those Precious Dog Years Puppy Cole is growing so fast……… Average Dog Life Span By Breed & Age Calculator Our dogs are our kids and like all … Continue reading

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Hidden Pet Dangers in Your Backyard

BBQ: Charcoal briquettes, which dogs seem to love to lap up or steal from the grill due to the grease from previous cooking, can easily get stuck in the stomach, … Continue reading

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Dog’s Favorite Things For Valentine’s Day

They are full of personalities, aren’t they? So playful, loving, mischievous, smart and the list goes on. So it’s hard to come up with a general list of dog’s favorite … Continue reading

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Home Remedies and Natural Cures For Dogs

Just like for people, there are ingredients around the house that we can use as home remedies to help keep our dogs healthy, cure minor illness or reduce the effect … Continue reading

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